Knoxville to Nashville pt ii

Nashville was absolutely stunning. The concrete landscape and infrastructure were profound enough to inspire me to take pictures of bystanders, from Vanderbilt, who were quite amiable. I had one business student model for me on the street Meeting people, even for a single second gives me a vicarious peek into their secret world. It feels like catching an actual glimpse of the universe.

It took us forever to find a chipotle. For several montes, I have been incredibly adamant about eating non-gmo, vegan, organic food. I succeeded for months, but it’s been a trial on the road. The anticipation of this trip has made me a little crazy and ravenous for all of the wrong things, most which I have resisted.

When it comes to animals and food, I wish I had more of a cause, but growing up is about finding those reasons, and learning to stand tall for your own beliefs… Right? I think so..

iPhone photos of Nashville Tennessee. Later on when I get my camera hooked up, there will be plenty more.









Knoxville, to Nashville pt 1

Around 1:30am, eastern time, we finally arrived in Knoxville, Tennessee. I’ve never immersed myself so deeply into the middle of the country like this before. I feel more alien then usual, which seems rather preternatural. Maybe it’s the even, open landscape. Thinking about being landlocked used to make me feel squirmy and nauseas. I always scoffed at the thought of living inland or visiting the mid-US., but I digress… Now that I’m no longer 10, on i-40W, with a changing velocity toward NM, I cannot describe how liberated I feel– from fear as well as my own life, habits, and poor patterns. I can do anything. I want it all.

Knoxville was a blink worth of sleep at some homey motel that Jonathan booked located on the outskirts of the city. Our room was immaculate, and refurbished with white sheets and country furnishings. Somehow the place reminded me of a church boarding school bedroom. The clean, snow colored linen seemed baptismal. We closed our weary eyes, and opened them to another day of driving, headed toward Nashville.