More like new mexiwhoa…

“I’ve never seen a sunset like this… And we’re only in Pennsylvania” I said under my breath.

I pressed my nose against the passenger window and I gazed out at the horizon, which extended beyond the flat ribbon of highway. The sunset over the Pennsylvania farmland was kaleidoscopic. Colors were packed into the Palm of each cloud. Purple Cirrus clouds weaved into smears of pink and amaranth colored nimbus clumps. It was like a Claude Monet painting. The puffy nimbus carnations were strewn over a pallet of blue sky hazed with gold fringe. In the distance, a string of lights adorned the dark hillside like a diamond neckless. Maybe the earth, subconsciously flirts with the sky?i could feel the warmth around me, enveloping me in white light. The zealous, fire sky passionately kissed the coal black mountains, which resisted with jagged cuts into the skyline. I feel like the luckiest, most beautiful woman on the planet. My dreams are like that sunset– strong, stable and inspiring. Like the sun, I cannot succumb to setting amongst the clutches of tree branches and starving hills. Like the sun, I do not need to rise or fall, as silly humanity has implied. In the vitriolic twilight, the sun enhances the power of the night. At the same time It felt like an awakening for me, some incredulous dawning of my own personhood. I feel connected to the greatness of life.











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