3,346km/Subwoofed to New Mexico

Someone once told me that every individuals’ personality is composed of the top five people they associate with. If that’s the case, then it’s the people that we love, and connect to, that have the ability to inspire us, sculpt our perceptions, and motivate us to work toward a new, and improved reality.

Trippin on the road, my boys wanna rock it, Got 3 3 4 6 special Ks&Ms in my pocket. My bass is sweeter, thicker, deeper, no way to get steeper, unless you a cheater, just drop it,.. I can’t stop it,… Im like the Tour de France with a bike, but no hands, hot without heat, drop your aura down about 20 degrees C. I’m winning the race, cus I know how to lead, with my head in my skull, a hole in my heart, Im higher than God, I’m doper than dope, I had 13 lives, and I may have died, but I still got 9 left to go.






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